Common Problem We May Meet When Using Word Document on Mac OS X

Mac word document problemWe use Word documents very often in our daily life. Lucky for us, Microsoft Word is available for Macs as well as for Windows computers. And I am the lucky guy since I work under Mac OS and I need to use Word to write and edit my article because I am a writer. Unfortunately we may come across some frustrating situations while editing Word. The power is suddenly off while you are editing the Word document; one important Word document is freezing when you open it; the Word is corrupted for unknown reason. When encountering the above problems, we meet the so called Word file loss problem.

Believe it or not, I almost have met every kind of Word files loss in my life as I said above my work needs Word to process. So here I sum up the common reasons/problems for Word files loss you may also meet in your daily lives.

Common Word Problems that We May Meet

1. Suddenly powerful off or any other reasons make the unsaved situation happen.

2. Deleted the Word document, clean up the Mac Trash Bin.

3. Error message “Changes have been made that affect the global template, Do you want to save those changes?” upon quitting Word.

4. The Word title bar flashes when clicking on “Print” or “Save As” or “Help”.

5. Unexpected error occurred and a Word document hasn’t been saved and/or how to recover a lost Word file. (This point I met lots of times, and it also make me spend too many time, drained my energy and even sometimes make me get angry because it is a hard task to complete. So I will send a few posts next to show you how to solve this problem and how important the data recovery software is for us.)

6. Word document will not open. Word document appears to be corrupted, unreadable or damaged./Unable to open Word file, which was sent as an e-mail attachment, error message “The document name or path is invalid”.

7. Typing, spell-checking and grammar checking in any other language, but English, French and Spanish.

8. Word crashes with the error message “Word has encountered an error and needs to close. Error details: hpxxxx.dll or hpxxxx.drv”.

9. Inserting a symbol into a Word document (from Insert/Symbol) will cause Word to crash./Inserting bullets and numbering into a Word document will cause Word to crash.

undelete Mac word document10. When performing mail merge in Word with a database from Excel or Access, some of the fields in Word will not display correctly.

11. Clicking on bullets and numbering on the Formatting toolbar in Word causes application to crash or exhibits unusual behavior for bullets and numbering.

12. Error message “The macros in this project are disabled. Please refer to the online help or documentation of the host application to determine how to enable macros.” upon launching or exiting Word.

13. When typing in Word, a solid black bar appears across the page over the line or lines in which you are typing. As a result, you cannot view or read the contents of what you are typing.

All of these problems above may bother you a lot since you may need to use the Word in urgency. Actually these problems can be solved – some are solved by me, some are solved by getting the information on the internet, and some are solved by asking the professor. In my experience, the unsaved Word document and Word lost files these two situations is the most important.

In my experience, point 1, point 2 and point 5 are the most difficult task for me to solve and I spend most of my time on it because I have to face the data recovery problem by myself. As we all know, this operation is the most complicated thing for many users but I complete it at the end. It’s the great experience and I will share this to in in some articles next so that all of you can avoid this kind of problems and protect your files from data loss. Since I am work under the Mac OS, so maybe the information is about the Mac, but actually the principle of which is similar – no matter you are using Mac or Windows PC. (But for the Windows PC users’ right, here I suggest you to search the correct information about Word on Windows Office official website.)

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