Another Siutation I Meet in Recovering Mac Word Document

Suffer some frustrating situations while editing Word?

As computer users, we always use Word documents. Have you ever met some embarrassing and frustrating situations? The power is suddenly off while you are editing the Word document; one important Word document is freezing when you open it; the Word is corrupted for unknown reason after you open it. No software is bug free and no software is 100% perfect. We may encounter the above problem and need to recover Word doc.

Before Mac Word recovery, in order to Perform Mac Word recovery(an other situation I’ve ever met before.) effectively, it better to analyze the problems and reasons. The followings are some main problems we may encounter.

Common Word problems that we may meet

how to recover Mac word file1.Unsave Word or changes of the Word that you are editing for the below reasons

Sudden power off

Errors force the Word to close automatically

Improper operation such as forgetting to save the Word or the changes

2. When you open a Microsoft Word for Mac document, Word for Mac may stop responding. Additionally, you may have to use the Force Quit command to quit Word for Mac.

3.After you open a Microsoft Word, find it looks like gibberish. The Word got damaged.

4.Word document gets infected by virus

5.Lose Word document for other reasons both system errors and human errors Give up the Word doc completely? Or is there any method to do Mac Word recovery?

Once you suffered the above problem, do not think that the Word doc is gone forever, or even give up the chance to do Mac Word recovery. You can recover your Word doc with different methods. The methods for Word recovery Mac can vary based on different problems.

Different Methods for Mac Word Recovery Method to recover unsaved Word document

Use AutoRecovery copy after you restart Word or the Mac. This is a way to recover unsaved Word document, up to the point of Word’s last automatic save. The steps like this: Enter “AutoRecovery” locate all the files that start with the words “AutoRecovery” save and select the file you want from the list of files? Click on the file and drag it out of the search window, close the Finder Window? Double-click the file to launch and open it in Microsoft Word for Mac and save it

Method to recover corrupted Word document

The method to recover corrupted Word document depends on the type and severity of the corruption and the type of behavior that is exhibited. Although many of these methods succeed regularly, not every corrupted document can be recovered.

For the Word document that can be opened in Word for Mac

If you can open the Word document in Word for Mac, use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Convert the Word document to another Format

Method 2: Copy everything except the last paragraph mark to a new document<a href="”>word-icon-3

Method 3: Copy the undamaged parts of the File to a New File

For the Word doc that cannot be opened in Word for Mac

If you cannot open the file in Word for Mac, use one of the following methods as appropriate.

Method 1: Insert the file into a blank document

Method 2: Use the paste link command to open the document with a Link

Method 3: Open the file by using ‘Recover Text from Any File’

Method 4: Open As Copy

ways for recovering Mac Word filesAfter Microsoft Word for Mac stops responding or after you use the Force Quit command to end a Word for Mac session, you may only recover Word doc when you restart the program. Additionally, the documents that you recover do not contain the changes or additions that you made in your last Word for Mac session.

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