Achieve Mac Lost or Deleted Data Recovery Process with Suitable Data Recovery

Did you delete the Word document, or any other files like excel files or emails which are related to your work from your Mac OS X hard drive and empty the Trash Bin? Later you realized the importance of the deleted files, but unable to get them back Well, this is a pretty common user’s mistake, which causes critical file loss situations for a number of Macintosh users.

What to pay attention to after Mac file loss happened?

When you meet the file loss problem, here are the thing you need to pay attention to:

Stop working on your Mac machine immediately after you realize the file loss.

Continued use of the Mac computer increases the chances of file overwriting significantly. Keep the following things in mind while trying to recover the lost files:

  • If the files are deleted and Trash Bin is not emptied, you can drag the files out of Trash to desktop.
  • If you emptied Trash Bin folder after deleting the files, it needs third-party tools to recover the files.
  • If the Trash Bin is emptied using the Secure Empty Trash option in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and later versions, the files are not recoverable.

Determine the background process when you empty Trash Bin.

Click ‘Empty Trash’. 

When you choose this option, Mac OS X operating system removes directory entries of the hard drive for tiles, instead of the files.

Understand that after deletion, the disk space occupied by the deleted files, is set as available and can be used by other files. 

You can recover the deleted files until they are being overwritten by other files.

Do not continue using the system. 

If you keep using the system after deleting files and emptying Trash Bin, you greatly increase possibilities of file overwriting with the every minute which passes. For assured recovery of lost, missing, and deleted files from Mac OS X hard drive and other supported storage media, use third-party Mac data recovery applications to recover data on Mac.


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Choose the suitable Mac data recovery software

Actually you can take your Mac to the repair shop, but some bad guys will steal your private info or account which are stored on your Mac. So, the safe way is to use the third party data recovery software for your Mac. But make sure one thing: No matter which software you choose, make sure it only do the read operation on your Mac but not the write process ’cause if the software does the write process on your Mac, it may make your file lose again. Keep this in mind to guide you to choose the perfect software for solving Mac data loss problem.

Tips for Users

No matter what software you are using, no matter how exciting you are when you get the lost files back, make sure build a backup this time to avoid data loss situaiton. You can visit other posts on our site if you need to learn more about recovering Mac lost files.

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