Tips and Features for Using Word Document on Mac

When you are using Word document on your Mac, you will find that it looks different like the Windows version. But don’t be afraid. Though it is different like Windows version, all of the features you have grown to love are still available, and easy to find. Follow this document to walk through some simples tips and tricks to help you to get started!

When you use a Mac the top tool bar changes depending on what program you are using. This is where you will find a lot of the features you are looking for.

Main Window

1. When you first open Word, you will see a window with this top tool bar;


When you scroll over the icons they will give you a brief description of what the do.

2. The tabs offer many different tools for you to use while creating your documents.

a) Document Elements: Allows you to add cover pages, table of contents, headers, footers and bibliographies.


b) Quick Tables: Allows you to insert tables quickly in a variety of designs.


c) Charts: Allows you to insert a variety of charts and graphs in numerous designs. E.g., pie charts, bar graphs etc.

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d) SmartArt Graphics: Allows you to choose a SmartArt layout and create your own graphic organizers and charts.


e) WordArt: Allows you to insert WordArt in a variety of colours and designs.


Formatting Palette

1. Along your top tool bar click on “View”:


Change things such as; font size/shape/style, picture location, bullets and numbering etc.


2. From the Formatting Palette you can access other tools and features by clicking on different icons across the top toolbar. Formatting Palette is the icon with an “A” on it. To get to the Object Palette, click on the next icon over.


Object Palette

Object Palette allows you to insert a variety of pictures/images form a variety of places on your system.


These all the tips I want to share with you. Just feel free to read more technical post on our site and share your opinions.

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