Microsoft Word 1712 Error Solution

Microsoft Word is the primary word processing program that most PC users utilize. If you have recently attempted to install Microsoft Office XP onto your computer, you may have noticed that you get two distinct error messages. The first message will be Error 2905, C:\Config.msi\filename and the second will be Error 1712. The Microsoft Error 1712 will actually happen as a direct result of the Error 2905 and if not taken care of the end result is usually your machine becoming unresponsive.

What Causes Microsoft Word Error 1712?

Again the 1712 error message is a direct result of the 2905 error message and this is because the installation of the program is not going properly. In the eyes of your computer, it seems as through the installation is still in progress causing the machine to malfunction when trying to exit the error messages. This can be the result of a registry problem and can usually be fixed by executing a few simple steps.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Error 1712

In order to fix the Microsoft Word Error 1712 that you keep having pop up, you need to conduct a clean boot of your computer. This will allow you to reattempt the installation of Windows Office XP and should fix the Windows Word 1712 error message for you. A clean boot can be accomplished in two different ways.

Solution 1: Clean Boot Using Microsoft Guided Help


1. Log in as an administrator to your Windows XP operating system.

2. Go to Microsoft’s website and download the guided help for clean boot.

3. Follow the steps provided.

4. Restart your computer.

5. Restart Windows Office XP installation.

Solution 2: Clean Boot Manually (Advanced Technique)


System Configuration Utility start up: Click start – Run – type in ‘msconfig’ – hit OK.

1. Select Startup Options: Click General tab – Selective Startup. Click to clear Process SYSTEM .INI and Process WIN.INI by selecting their check boxes. Click Services tab – Hide all Microsoft Services – Disable All – OK.

mac-word-22. Restart your computer.

3. Log on to Windows if prompted to do so.

4. Click OK when you see ‘Don’t show this message or launch the System Configuration when Windows starts.’

5. Restart Microsoft Office XP installation.

Of course the guided help will represent the method that requires the least amount of work on your part. This is because using the guided help has Microsoft automatically provide any information that might be required by your system.

Thank you for visiting our website in your quest to fix your Microsoft Word Error 1712 problems. Hopefully, the solutions that we provided will prove helpful and you will be able to successfully remedy the errors that are plaguing your machine. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or you can also view more Mac word supporting articles on our site.

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