Troubleshooting a Frozen Mac

Nothing is more frustrating than working on your Mac, only to have it seize up. Often this is more a symptom of a glitch in Word, Safari, Photoshop, or whatever other program you’re in, but frustrating either way. Mac computers often don’t lock up, but when they do, it can be annoying trying to get them to shut down and restart.

How do you know when you need to try some Mac intervention? When your cursor has frozen up completely, and you can’t even get to the Apple Menu to force quit. But, even if you can’t do that, you can still try the key sequence of: Command Option Escape. This is the key sequence to a force quit. Most of the time it will work, and then you can restart your program. If it doesn’t work, you’re going to have to try powering down your Mac, and then restarting.

Since the keyboard isn’t responding, you’re going to need to force shut it down and then force restart. This can be down with the Power button. Chances are you’ve already tried pressing it and nothing happened.

What you need to do instead is press the Power button, and hold it down for about five seconds. Do this until you see the computer start to shut down. Once it’s completely powered down, you can then press the Power button to get it started back up again.

99.9% of the time this will start up your Mac computer again. If it doesn’t, it’s possible that there is a hardware issue. Most likely, the hard drive has failed.

If you have reached a point where you are going to need Mac data recovery services, you can borrow a friend’s computer, and download the uFlysoft Data Recovery program for Mac. It can be run from another computer or hard drive, and used to recover lost data. You may need to start up the Mac from another boot disk first.

uFlysoft will help you to recover most files from your old computer such as Word files, photographs, spreadsheets, MP3s, and more.

It’s also great if you did manage to get your Mac started up again, but for some reason, you can’t seem to find the files you were working on when your Mac first froze up. uFlysoft can be used to recover files from a specific point in time.

Mac data recovery is a valuable tool so that you don’t have to spend countless hours at recreating lost work, or taking new photographs, or drawing new illustrations. Many people may be hesitant to fork over $100 for a Mac data recovery program, but it’s more than worth triple its cost, once you have successfully recovered multiple files with it.

It’s also a one-time purchase so in the future, in the event you have further missing files, you can also use your uFlysoft program to recover those files. It’s worth having a data recovery program on your computer to prevent future heartbreak and anguish.


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