How to Recover Word Document from Mac

Did you mistakenly delete your word document or it got corrupted on your Mac, well, we got your back.

Losing important documents can knock the wind out of you. Be it a project note, urgent report, or worse, a novel you are writing, you’ll go to any lengths to recover the word document.

If it had happened on your Windows computer, you wouldn’t be too bothered because Windows has lots of data recovery tools. But when it happens on your Mac computer, you know something has to be done urgently because getting such tools on the Mac can be an uphill task.

What we will help you do here is identify the tool(s) that can be used to recover word document from Mac and show you how to go about it too.

Check the Trash

One of the steps towards recovering your lost word documents on Mac is to check the trash. You may have mistakenly deleted your document yourself, in which case it should be in your trash folder.

To find out if your document is in the trash, double click on the Trash icon and go through the contents of the trash.

Look for your document and if, lucky for you, you find it, highlight the document, right-click on it and select “Put Back”. When you do this, it will place the document back to its original location where it was saved previously and you can open it from there and continue work on it.

Word for Mac AutoRecover Feature

The Word for Mac has the AutoRecover. The AutoRecover is an auto-save feature on Mac that is turned on once you open the Word for Mac. What this means is that as you work on Word on your Mac computer, your document will be saving automatically without you instructing it to do so. But for this to happen, immediately you start typing, you have to save the document with a name of your own choosing, a move that will allow Word for Mac to save your document every ten minutes.

To recover word document from Mac, if you lost the document because your Mac or the Word program itself shut down suddenly, you will be given the option of reopening the document when you launch the Word for Mac program again. If you do not see a prompt to reopen the document, you should be able to find the document inside the AutoRecover folder.

On Word 2011, if you want to recover word document on Mac, you will need to select the File option in the Menu bar and conduct a search for AutoRecover. Check the AutoRecover files displayed and check the dates they were created to see which of the files correspond with the date of your lost document.

As soon as you find the particular document you are looking for, select it and open it. After confirming again that it is indeed your lost document, save it properly under a name of your choosing so that it does not get lost again.

In the case of Word 2016 for Mac, it is a little complex that the 2011 version especially as far as the AutoRecover feature is concerned. The AutoRecovery folder is buried deep in the system and will require you instructing your Mac computer to display hidden files for it to become visible.

Change the Autosave Frequency

When issues like losing documents occur and attempts to recover word document from Mac has been successful, it is time to take stock and to examine why the document got lost in the first place.

One of such reason may be the frequency with which the Word program autosaves documents. The default frequency is ten minutes. In events where there are issues with your Mac computer or where your Word program has problems, it will be advisable to either save manually every now and then or reduce the frequency to every minute. That way, even if the program closes or your Mac goes off, you will only lose work of less than a minute.

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