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Enjoy a new hobby and earn a cognitive development that will help expand your professional development. You will be impressed how positively will playing piano will affect you. Studies have shown that music offers a lot of benefits that will stay with you in other spectres of your career, too.


If you are a complete beginner who would love to learn piano from scratch, this is the perfect course for you. Do not let your dreams escape, we make them come true. Register in one of our programs and start learning piano with the best teachers and get inspired by other students.


Do you already know how to play piano? Then join the second group of advanced students who aspire to play in well-known scenes and take their talents in another dimension. Learn how to play well known songs and famous classical pieces that always impress.


It takes time, energy and a lot of dedication to become a piano expert. It isn't easy, but it's worth it! Our professors offer individual classes to all those who want to take their advanced skills to the next level. Extra classes and levels are also available.


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What will you learn


Focus and learn to work everyday no matter what. Discipline is one of the main professional ingredients you will earn throughout this course.


Learning piano means practicing a new hobby, which is always a good step to improve your skills and gain new ones.


Music is one of the most beautiful forms of art and learning how to play it will gain your confidence, as well as expand your career.


Best tips for you

Set your goals

Whether your goal is to learn piano or become a real professional remember to set realistic goals. You can't expect to become a pianist overnight. Good things take time, dedication and as they say practice makes perfect.

Learn to play

Learn the most beautiful classical pieces and feel the deep emotions of playing them yourself. If you think classical music is boring compared to other genres, take a step forward and challenge yourself to try something new.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself all the time. Learning piano doesn't mean stopping challenges, since they can help you to create a better understanding of your playing. Practice continually and choose difficult pieces to practice more.

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Happy students

Many of our students who joined this course are happy to be pursuing their career in piano. Some of them have also moved abroad with the mission of continuing their challenges in this field.

Certification of completion

At the end of the course you will gain the certification of completion which means, your accomplishments will be recognized abroad too! Benefit from this amazing opportunity and build long-lasting experiences.

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